Raiz Super reaches $70 million

Raiz Super reaches $70 million

Raiz Super has now reached over $70 million. Raiz users can invest in the six Raiz portfolios for your superannuation as you would for your investment account (excl. Sapphire Portfolio). Just like a bank account or your Raiz Account, superannuation is your money. That’s why they want you to feel confident and connected to your future, enabling you to view all your investments in one place, on your mobile phone, through the Raiz App. 


  • Auto/scheduled voluntary contribution – setting up a recurring investment to get ahead with your future.
  • Raiz Rewards directly into your Superannuation Account when you shop with partners.
  • Easily track performance in the same way you track your current Raiz Account with a clear history and a clear performance of the fund.
  • Ability to switch portfolios at no extra cost, as friction-free as with the normal Raiz Account.
  • All your personal information, statements & financial value in one place.


The performance of all Raiz portfolios can be found here. Please refer to the product disclosure statement for more detail. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.


Raiz’s ambition is to give you an easy and affordable way to invest and build wealth for your future. Raiz Invest Super fees place it in the bottom 25% or lowest quartile for accumulation superannuation funds on the market (based on a SuperRatings review of over 440 superannuation funds). Please refer to the product disclosure statement for more detail.

Do I have to select the same portfolio as my non-Super Raiz Invest?

No, you can select a different portfolio to your non-Super Raiz account. Raiz constructs six diversified portfolios (including a Socially Responsible option) with the help from the Nobel Prize winning economist and father of Modern Portfolio Theory, Dr. Harry Markowitz.

How do I join/roll over to Raiz Super?

To join, download the latest version of the app. Go from the menu > Raiz Super & go through the steps. Enter your TFN, current Super member number and fund you are currently with and you will be on the move.

If you want the Raiz team to do it – that’s easy – email them at [email protected] or call them on 1300 754 748, then provide your TFN, your current Superannuation fund name and member number and explicitly request your intention to roll into the Raiz super fund.