Queensland Ventures launches to create a business ecosystem

Queensland Ventures launches to create a business ecosystem

Queensland Ventures has been formed to create a new business ecosystem for the Sunshine State.

Will Banks, CEO and Co-Founder of Queensland-based Financial Services Business DayTek Capital, is the driving force behind this new venture.

“After arriving in Brisbane from the UK, I was overwhelmed by the support and sense of community from within the business sector and local universities. I had already been supported by Trade Investment Queensland and Austrade, but I was completely unaware that this unique ecosystem existed and this is why I’ve created this hub,” said Banks.

Australian FinTech, the leading platform for news and information on all things ‘fintech’ in Australia, were quick to jump on board as a sponsor.

“Anything to help businesses of any types – not just fintechs – is a great initiative. As a Queensland-based company, we wanted to throw our support behind Queensland Ventures as soon as we could,” said Cameron Dart, CEO and Co-Founder of Australian FinTech and Australian FinTech Jobs.

The Queensland business community is engaging, supportive and growing at a rapid rate. But what is missing is a state business community group, an ‘ECOSYSTEM’ where the business community supports itself and encourages state economic growth Innovation, investment, employment and commercial.

Brisbane is a progressive multicultural city and one of the fastest growing regions in Australia. With an economy of $146 billion, accounting for 48% of Queensland’s economic output and 9% of Australia as a whole, the Sunshine State has much to offer businesses and those looking to relocate, expand or start up, including:

  • Excellent breeding ground for the development of new ideas
  • Lower operational costs
  • Fresh outlook
  • Well educated workforce
  • Excellent Universities
  • Closest Australian eastern seaboard capital city to Asia
  • Direct international flights to major business hubs
  • Subtropical climate


Queensland Ventures is FREE to join, via this LinkedIn group and is a voluntary group. Members include state business leaders, government officials, educators and influencers These range from entrepreneurs, bankers, lawyers, technologists, financiers and analysts, to name just a few.

There are TWO membership types:

  1. Individual
  2. Company – which will include the company logo on marketing the group, as ‘sponsors’

Members will not be inundated with requests. Requests for help, ideas and so on, will be posted on the LinkedIn group, where members can respond with support. Members can therefore dictate how much time they wish to dedicate to the group.

Members will focus on supporting Queensland, by supporting the business sector and entrepreneurship, by offering:

  • Network of support
  • Introductions
  • Advice & Leads
  • Market updates

To join as an individual or a company, please go here: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13904054/