Charity Token, a more inclusive way to fundraise

Charity Token is looking forward to changing how charitable organisations approach the public for funding to become more interactive and inclusive.

Save, spend or invest? New offering allows Aussies to maximise their savings

Australians are at a loss of how to make the most of their tax refunds this year with rising costs of living and low return on savings.

Zerocap enables trade of tokenised carbon credits with A$DC

Zerocap has combined with ANZ Bank and carbon credits firm BetaCarbon to successfully trade on its platform tokenised Australian carbon credits using the A$DC stablecoin.

Blockchain, innovation and opportunity behind the crypto hype and doom

At Labrys, business innovation is far more exciting and important to them than hype and headlines.

WTF are NFTs: Debunking the common misconceptions

Despite global powerhouses getting on board, Australians are still wondering just WTF are NFTs.

PNGX Markets and XBourse Australia sign MOU for use of blockchain technology to accelerate Pacific Islands’ capital markets

PNGX Markets, XBourse Australia and Pacific Capital Markets Development sign MOU for the use of blockchain to accelerate Pacific Islands’ capital markets.

ListedReserve Managed Fund added to Crypto Fund Research Database

Cryptocurrency-focused managed fund data provider, Crypto Fund Research, has added The ListedReserve Managed Fund to its extensive database.

BTC Markets first Australian crypto exchange to successfully go through the full AFSL application process via sister company, BTCM Payments

BTC Markets has today announced that its sister company, BTCM Payments has been issued with an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL).

Selfwealth first to market in offering access to cryptocurrencies through its share trading platform

Share trading platform Selfwealth will become the first investment platform to offer direct investment in five popular cryptocurrencies from June 30, 2022. 

Athletes running to Web3 health and fitness app as crypto picks up pace

Australia’s most sophisticated Web3 health and fitness app, PUML Better Health, has launched its Women in Sport campaign.