Global X ETFs presents the Australian ETF Market Scoop June 2024

Global X ETFs presents the Australian ETF Market Scoop June 2024

According to Global X ETFs‘ June 2024 report, the Australian Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) market grew 36.1% over the past year to $204.4 billion across 380 products. This was driven by over $21.4 billion in net inflows, positive market movements, and numerous unlisted active funds converting into active ETFs.​

In its June 2024 ETF Market Report, Global X ETFs explores prevailing trends within the Australian ETF market, providing comprehensive insights into:​

1. The ETF Market is Strong

    • The Australian ETF market has reached $200 billion for the first time. It took nearly 20 years to reach the initial $100 billion, while the next $100 billion was achieved in just over three years.
    • Year-to-date net flows for 2024 mark the strongest start ever for the Australian ETF market at $10.8 billion, potentially on track to surpass the calendar year record of $23.6 billion set in 2021 if the strong momentum continues.

2. Most and Least Popular ETFs (by Net Flows)

    • Cryptocurrency ETFs, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, were the best-performing ETFs over the past year, whereas clean energy and inverse ETFs had the poorest returns.

3.Feature Insights: ETFs Could Save Australian Investors in Managed Funds Up to Four Billion Dollars

    • Australian investors in managed funds could save up to $4 billion in fees by switching to lower-cost ETFs.
    • Active ETFs only represent one-fifth of the total Australian ETF market but generate nearly half of the industry’s total fee revenue.