Monochrome Asset Management backs Craig Lowndes’ Bathurst campaign

Monochrome Asset Management backs Craig Lowndes’ Bathurst campaign

Wall Racing has announced a partnership with Monochrome Asset Management, the investment management firm behind Australia’s leading investment-grade Bitcoin Fund.

As part of this partnership, the Monochrome Bitcoin Fund will proudly feature as the major partner of Craig Lowndes’ Porsche Carrera Cup Car for the 2021 Bathurst 1000 Round.

In an innovative Australian first, the partnership will extend beyond vehicle branding and customer experiences, with David Wall Racing adding bitcoin exposure to their balance sheet. The teams will share further details on this closer to the event.

Team Principal David Wall says, “Not only is it great to have the backing of Jeff Yew and the team at Monochrome for Wall Racing, it’s exciting to lead this adoption of bitcoin as an investment at a corporate level.”

“While this is a newly minted deal, we hope it continues to flourish and grow alongside Monochrome. The business has a fascinating trajectory, an excellent team, and we expect our fans and the audience of the Carrera Cup will respond well to it. The imagery of the car will be released over the coming weeks, and we look forward to sharing this.”

Legendary Australian Driver Craig Lowndes adds, “It is exciting to have the Monochrome team join us for the race, and we look forward to introducing their brand not only to the series and its audience but the iconic Bathurst race track. It’s been a disjointed year of racing, so from a drivers point of view, I can’t wait to get in the Monochrome Porsche and lap the Mountain.”

“Monochrome takes a lot of pride in being able to build a partnership with Australian sporting icons such as Wall Racing. It will be exciting to see Craig tackling the Mountain in December,” said Jeff Yew, CEO of Monochrome Asset Management.

“David Wall and the team have always pioneered performance, on and off the race track. They’ve continued this by becoming the first Australian sporting group to have Bitcoin on their balance sheet, which is a massive milestone for Australian sports,” he continued.