Melbourne-based cryptocurrency casino Shuffle hits turnover milestone, eyes global market

Melbourne-based cryptocurrency casino Shuffle hits turnover milestone, eyes global market

Shuffle, an online cryptocurrency casino headquartered in Melbourne, has crossed US$1.2 billion in monthly volume wagered on its platform in March 2024. Amidst this achievement, the Australian-led company also announced its successful fundraising of US$20 million through its native SHFL token.

In a recent post on LinkedIn, Head of Business Ishan Haque highlighted Shuffle’s rapid growth since its inception. “Shuffle turned 1 this week, and it has exceeded all of our expectations,” Haque noted. “In 12 months, our users have made over 2.8 billion bets. By the end of this year, we are confident in increasing that tenfold.”

According to the post, the success of Shuffle can be attributed to its “world-class team of a few dozen ambitious twenty-something-year-olds”.

A recent report by Waterhouse VC delved into the growth tactics of start-up gambling and cryptocurrency companies, including Shuffle’s distinctive growth strategies.

Eschewing traditional marketing avenues such as streaming and affiliate marketing, Shuffle identified its niche in leveraging influencers with a small but highly dedicated following. Haque explained, “We recognized our edge in finding influencers with a small following, but that following consisted of 1000 true fans.”

“An influencer with 1,000 “true fans” would bring us more revenue than someone with 1,000,000 followers.”

However, not all strategies were immediately successful. Haque candidly shared the initial challenges in influencer partnerships, leading to a shift in tactics. “We failed to follow through on their funnel after signing them. To overcome that, we implemented a few retention strategies that included personalised offers, community races, and specific promotions that lasted for the duration of the partnership.”

Shuffle’s player-centric approach also extends to its responsive feedback system. “We pride ourselves on receiving feedback and then pushing an update the next week to address it,” said Haque, emphasising the importance of announcing your response to feedback to the wider customer base.

As Shuffle sets its sights on the global market, its progress serves as an inspiration and potentially an Australian success story in the making.