Zipmex is a regulation first, Digital Asset Exchange that offers a fiat on and off ramp, low fees and extremely tight trading spreads to their users. Zipmex also have a dedicated local presence in each of their markets and 24/7 customer support with average response times of below 1 minute.

The realm of digital assets is still very much in its infancy and is poorly understood by the vast majority. Interest in the sector is skyrocketing, however interacting with blockchains, DeFi, NFTs and the myriad of other uses that are emerging requires a trusted bridge between the legacy system and the new ecosystem. Zipmex meets this need by providing a regulated, secure and trusted platform with deep liquidity and several layers of additional utility beyond just buying and selling digital assets.

As the industry matures, investors need a place to not only buy and sell assets but to also hold assets securely. Zipmex was founded on this premise and has been built around providing a safe, secure and regulated platform for investors to hold assets for the long term. Zipmex’s staking products allow their users to earn a productive yield on assets they hold with Zipmex and they are partnered with the best in class custody providers which provides users with the added piece of mind that their assets are insured against hacks and other events that can result in digital asset losses.

As a global exchange, Zipmex have multiple liquidity providers, allowing them to provide tighter spreads than their competitors which provides more value directly to their customers. With one of Zipmex’s cornerstone investors being Jump Capital (a leading market maker globally) they are well placed to continue to excel in this area with new global liquidity sources being added on a regular basis. Zipmex strongly believe that anyone interacting with a Digital Asset Exchange shouldn’t have to pay high fees, including hidden fees via large trading spreads.