Clanz is taking a patient approach when entering crypto market

Clanz is taking a patient approach when entering crypto market

Clanz, an Australian-owned and operated technology startup, believes all players in the crypto market should be looking closely at what the metaverse is likely to become.

“We are operating an exchange as is widespread practice for new players but believe its role will be provide meaningful, practical access to web3 for individuals and institutions wanting to participate in its future growth.

“An investment in one of our Thematic funds is not a punt on the next few months; it’s a curated fund giving a weekly-rebalanced pool of companies that will grow and be, we believe, foundational for the web3 sector that they are covering.

“Clanz suggests a patient view where the portfolios will grow as the sector grows and takes ground from traditional markets for investing or trading assets, even how money is made will be affected,” said Stuart Burnicle, COO, Clanz.

Clanz Thematic investments launched

Clanz has recently launched Thematic investment products to help retail/wholesale users access diversified exposure to subsegments in blockchain technology.

Thematics offers a curated approach to investing in crypto assets in much the same way as ETFs offer asset classes for investors looking for portfolio diversification without having to directly buy or manage individual stocks.

Each Thematic is carefully researched to ensure a diversified investment portfolio. Rather than having to trawl through the thousands of digital assets on the market, curated themes allow investors easy access to the crypto market.

The three Thematic investment strategies are easily managed through the Thematic portfolio dashboard:

  • Clanz Metaverse Investment Strategy gives investors exposure to next-generation companies leading the way in building and managing the metaverse infrastructure.
  • Clanz Green Investment Strategy Thematic invests in a suite of coins that focus on sustainability in blockchain technologies.
  • Clanz Crypto Spring Thematic is designed to take advantage of the aggressive gains expected to occur when the market emerges from the ‘Crypto Winter.’ It’s a collection of 11 high quality blockchain companies, chosen for their use case, applications and impact on industries.

Generational change in crypto outgrowing stereotypes

Stuart Burnicle believes that Australia will see wider crypto adoption, despite the current market circumstances: “We’re preparing for a generational change in global assets. ‘Difficulties in the crypto world’ makes a juicy headline for media outlets in the short term, but the truth is, Bitcoin continues to outperform Apple, the ASX, Gold and the S&P 500 for two straight years. At Clanz, we want to give retail, institutional and superannuation investors access to this disruptive technology. And we want to give them revolutionary tools that are simple to use.”

“If you want to invest in the metaverse or the most sustainable blockchain technologies, then you can choose from one of our Thematic strategies. These low-cost and diversified strategies are an effective way to access particular themes in crypto investing.”

Clanz capital raise continues

Clanz has raised over $4 million to launch its revolutionary digital assets exchange. The $4m seed round was led by private investment, but the company is also in the middle of raising complementary funding that is open to the public.

Clanz is full of financial technology veterans with resumes that include Blackrock, Fidelity, Deloitte, Accenture, PwC and many more financial giants. The exchange is built to simplify blockchain investing and give retail users access to institutional-grade tools.

Clanz believes that investors need assistance in sifting through the multitude of offerings. The group wants to meet the need for access to a ‘fund manager’ mentality when looking for value and quality digital assets just as an equity fund manager does when assessing their market.