Advisers keen to learn about crypto investments: Lonsec & Monochrome

Advisers keen to learn about crypto investments: Lonsec & Monochrome

A recent webinar (attended by over 700 advisers) on crypto investments, indicates the weight of interest advisers and their clients are, in this growing asset class.  Lonsec partnered with specialist manager Monochrome Asset Management to deliver a masterclass, covering the most asked questions on crypto assets such as how to access them, how to keep the assets safely and how to integrate into clients’ existing portfolios.

Lukasz de Pourbaix, Chief Investment Officer of Lonsec Investment Solutions, commented, “Crypto assets is increasingly becoming one of the most commonly raised topics we get from Advisers. We understand that there is a great need for education around the asset class and how Advisers can utilise then in their client’s portfolios.”

Recognising that dealing with emerging asset class will be new for many advisers, the webinar covered the advice and regulatory considerations of discussing crypto assets with clients.

Craig Hobart, Head of Distribution at Monochrome, said, “We recently surveyed Financial Advisers and found that 77% had received queries about crypto assets investments from their clients yet only 11% felt equipped to answer these queries. By partnering with Lonsec, we were able to reach a wide audience of advisers and help them access information to enable them to better advise their clients on crypto assets.”

The webinar comes a week after Lonsec Research rating its first crypto-related fund, the BetaShares Crypto Innovators ETF, with an ‘Investment Grade Index’ rating.