Where can you use bitcoin?

Where can you use bitcoin?

Ever since cryptocurrencies are getting recognised by more and more people, the price of bitcoin has drastically gone up. The high price caused an even higher demand, which resulted in more stores and companies accepting bitcoin as a way of payment.

Some bitcoin holders decide to hold on to bitcoin, hoping the investment will bring them more capital or to have a diversified portfolio. Others, however, use bitcoin for making purchases or spend in general.

By using bitcoin as a way of paying transactions, the cryptocurrency may become a standardised way of paying for groceries or buying cars. However, many companies still do not accept bitcoin. For that to happen, bitcoin demand will need to reach an even higher level.

Until then, if you have a BTC currency, Bitcoin wallet, or a retailer that accepts bitcoin as a payment and a Bitcoin address or a QR code for BTCs, you should be ready to spend your bitcoins in selected places.

How to spend bitcoin?

There are two ways of how one can spend bitcoins:

  • Bitcoin can be sent to a public address that was previously provided to the sender.
  • Before finalising a transaction, bitcoin users can ask for a QR code, which can be scanned as a way of completing the payment.

As a digital asset itself, bitcoin is widely accepted online, especially within e-commerce businesses and retailers. Those stores can be easily found in specific search engines, which will show a logo ‘bitcoin accepted here’.

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