Smart businesses partner with Friendie Audio to stay together apart

Smart businesses partner with Friendie Audio to stay together apart

As Australia prepares for a 2021 in COVID normal, smart businesses are investing in products and services that provide unity for teams working remotely, and close connectivity with customers contacted online.

In 2020 Friendie Audio saw their business client base grow rapidly, adding to their existing successful consumer market. Firms purchased bulk, branded audio products for staff, clients, customers and events.

Jane Sahhar, Founder of Friendie Audio, says, “We noticed a sudden increase in bulk orders. Some of those were small packages going to families preparing for lockdown with parents working and kids homeschooling, but most were from businesses. The business surge started around Easter 2020 and hasn’t slowed down. We saw the opportunity and worked closely with our new business customers to create products and service offerings that they love.”

Work from home

As lockdowns rolled out around the country businesses responded by equipping their staff with the right hardware, including good quality, comfortable headphones. Friendie quickly developed and released the new AIR DUO style, which comes with a detachable microphone, making it the perfect style for online calls.

“A big challenge for people working and conducting business online is that people were often ill prepared to work from home. The new Friendie AIR DUO product gives people great quality sound and great quality speech. We also thought about comfort. With people spending hours online we made sure that their ears would love the experience with an over ear pillow comfort design,” says Sahhar.

Engaging clients

Firms around the world moved online, including allowing digital appointments. Fintech companies already equipped with the technology to deliver their services online found more of their customers accepting video appointments, but often struggling to make the technology work.

“Customer service is absolutely the most important part of the Friendie experience,” says Sahhar. “It’s our name, it’s our brand. We brought the same level of customer service to our B2B offering that we have always had with our B2C business. We provide an end to end service for our business clients. They make an order and then we take care of everything else. We can brand the product with their logo, add special messages or instructions, and handle the dispatch for them direct to their customers, as required. Once the Friendie product is in your customer’s hands our aftercare really kicks in. Our team is available to make sure they can connect their headphones to their devices and talk them through how to use them. We’re here to help your customers and we love doing it.”

Online events

Friendie Audio are working with businesses and event planners to add wow to the best online events of 2021, continuing the success they have built this year.

“Gifting is really important for remote events to create a feeling of unity among the participants. When you are onscreen, everyone can see each other’s headphones. It’s a great way to instantly create a team,” says Sahhar.

The science

David Simpson, is Co-Founder and Director of Learning and Development at Team Building Asia, APAC’s leading experiential learning and team building firm. Team Building Asia delivers engaging team experience with effective learning, virtually and in person.

Simpson says, “The biggest challenge that people face with online work, is disengagement. People are having to concentrate for long periods of time on different platforms and there are lots of distractions when you are working from home. The more tools that you have to support engagement the easier it is. Good hardware is vital. Have your camera on so that people have a good point to focus on. Quality headphones mean that you have less distraction and easier connections. Noise isolating is important because it allows participants to fully immerse themselves and increases concentration and engagement.”

Friendie Audio business services

Friendie Audio offers a 60 percent wholesale discount on a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of ten items in one style. Orders can be delivered bulk to a business address or you can take advantage of Friendie’s despatch service and have your items individually delivered directly to your team and customers.

Custom branded packaging is available, as are luxury details such as gift wrapping and personalised notes or inclusion of relevant documents.

Friendie’s aftercare is exceptional. Once your team or customers have received their Friendie gifts they will be fully supported by the Friendie customer care team.

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