Size doesn’t matter: Benefits of starting small when it comes to investing

Size doesn’t matter: Benefits of starting small when it comes to investing

By Prashant Rajkhowa, Founder of Chillur    

The soaring cost of living has put Aussies in a head spin. Navigating finances, savings and investments is draining in 2022, so why not start on a small scale? Let’s find some stability and invest in manageable daily amounts.

A third (33%) of Aussies believe in starting small when it comes to investments, which is the textbook definition of micro-investing. After all, despite what they say – size doesn’t matter.

The blueprint is already there for a number of eager investors, as just over a quarter (28%) of Aussies stick to a strict budget, which is a transferable skill when it comes to investing.

However, for those who are still on the fence on whether or not to dip their toes into the investing world – here are a few benefits to beginning your micro-investing journey:

A little goes a long way: Investing small amounts can financially translate into less than your average brunch with friends, a cocktail at that new bar or savings for a weekend getaway. Your portfolio can grow into thousands of dollars in just a couple of years by investing just a cup of coffee’s worth of money every week.

Free time: It’s no secret that those financial calculations can take up excessive headspace. Micro-investment apps allow Aussies to try their hand at investing without having to worry about keeping an eagle eye on the market trends. Investors can kick back, relax, and enjoy their long-term returns while their day-to-day remains unchanged!

Flexibility: The world feels unpredictable right now, but the beauty is that you are free to go with the flow. Micro-investing is the most easy-going investment strategy out there. You are open to embark on your micro-investment journey with what you can comfortably afford, with no fixed term requirements.

New age investing: Unlike traditional investing, users can expect long-term returns without saving hundreds to buy an individual share. Feel free to hop off the train whenever you like – it’s part of the adventure after all.

Rewarding returns: More than a third (37%) of Australians plan to set their children up with financial management skills, so why not lead by example. Think of micro-investing as your modern-day digital piggybank. Because micro-investing requires an extended time frame to develop significant wealth, your children will see how excited you are when you finally crack it! As long as you contribute to your portfolio with the set amount, the portfolio will automatically raise money for you.

Investing with ease: It’s never been easier to start investing than it is now with micro-investing platforms, such as Chillur, hitting the market in recent years. Micro-investing platforms allow you to start investing with as little as $5 per week and they don’t have any hidden fees chewing away at your earnings.

Top tip: There are three ways to identify a good micro-investing platform; easy setup, transparent pricing and flexibility to invest and withdraw on your own schedule with no lock in contracts.