Should super funds consider crypto assets?

Should super funds consider crypto assets?

Superannuation funds that dismiss crypto assets are at risk of underperforming, the AIST ASI Conference has heard.

This is according to Genesis Block managing director Chloe White (pictured), who spoke at an Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees 2021 Conference panel at the event.

White said super funds should think about crypto or blockchain-based digital assets as an emerging asset class and if they should be providing exposure to such assets to members.

She warned those that shun crypto assets of the “very real risks” they face.

“It’s akin to asking in 1995 whether the internet should be adopted. It is something that seems very obvious in hindsight,” she said.

However, White concedes that how super funds weigh something like crypto assets, which is at the forefront of innovation, can be quite difficult.

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Source: Should super funds consider crypto assets? | Financial Standard