SendGold update – Ramping up services as gold demand skyrockets

SendGold update – Ramping up services as gold demand skyrockets

As the impact of COVID-19 continues in global markets and the demand for gold continues to increase, SendGold want to let you know they are ramping up their services to you.

As a SendGold customer, you are the outright individual owner of physical gold bullion, and a crisis in the banking system would not affect your rights to the gold in your account.

Record gold demand.

People around the world are seeking the safe haven of physical gold during the market turmoil, and gold prices have increased by 38% in the last 12 months and 18% since the first confirmed case of the virus.

SendGold transaction volume has grown 700%+ since January!

Many of you would know Australia is the second largest gold producer in the world. SendGold’s platform is designed to support heavy volumes to meet client demands, and they are confident they can continue to offer some of the best gold prices in the business.

SendGold has launched Level 2 accounts, allowing you to transact at higher limits for larger-scale investment.

To support their clients’ needs to hedge and protect larger portions of their wealth, SendGold have instituted higher transaction and total holding limits.

Level 1

  • Transact up to A$5,000 at a time
  • Transact up to A$20,000 per week
  • Hold a gold balance up to A$300,000
  • No minimums

Level 2

  • Transact up to A$100,000 at a time
  • Transact up to A$200,000 per week
  • Hold a gold balance up to A$3,000,000
  • No minimums


SendGold’s customer service remains in full operation if you need them.

SendGold is available to help with your gold investments and transactions.

The SendGold team is actively engaged with you and are available to answer any questions or provide support services. They do not anticipate any service disruptions, but will quickly communicate with customers and partners if something changes that you should be aware of.

SendGold CEO Jodi Stanton adds, “Be safe and look after your loved ones”.

“We’d like to extend our best wishes to you, your colleagues, and your families. We hope you all stay healthy and safe during these challenging times.”


Source: SendGold update – Ramping up services as gold demand skyrockets