RMIT launches cybersecurity and blockchain courses to fill skill gaps

RMIT launches cybersecurity and blockchain courses to fill skill gaps

Such is the growing industry of cybersecurity that forecasts predict that Australia will require an additional 18,000 cyber security professionals by 2026.

To help remedy this shortfall, RMIT Online has announced two landmark postgraduate programs.

The Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security and Graduate Certificate in Blockchain-Enabled Business will equip students with the necessary skills in emerging specialisations. The qualifications will be delivered in partnership with industry leaders IBM, Palo Alto Networks and Stone & Chalk, with classes beginning in October 2020.

RMIT Online CEO Helen Souness said that the newest additions to the portfolio will equip Australian businesses for the fast-moving and uncertain future of work.

“Over the past few months, we have observed a significant shift in traditional ways of working and conducting business. The unpredictable nature of our current environment requires us to strengthen and accelerate our understanding of the digital landscape. Cybersecurity and blockchain technologies are emerging as business-critical skills and we are delivering the training that provides those skills in our workforce.” – RMIT Online CEO Helen Souness

Existing trends in cybercrime and the need for businesses to adopt emerging technologies to drive transformation have been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, making it vital to fill skills shortages with industry-partnered digital education delivery.

According to Accenture’s Cost of Cybercrime study, the total cumulative value at risk from 2019-2023 from cybercrime is forecasted to be up to US$5.2 trillion, with each Australian organisation losing an average of US$6.79 million annually.

While Australia’s cyber security industry has the potential to almost triple in size to at least A$6 billion by 2026, our 18,000 jobs are tiny compared to the predicted worldwide skills gap of 2.93 million.

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