Meet the WA woman banking on crypto

Meet the WA woman banking on crypto

Tracey Plowman knows the benefits of investment in digital currencies.

As an early adopter, investor and now part of a cryptocurrency team, the West Australian is at the coalface of an industry that’s silently crept up on the rest of us.

The operations and business development specialist at micro-investing app Bamboo has been passionate about all things crypto for four years after working in a digital investment fund.

From that point on, she has been well and truly down the rabbit hole, and spends her spare time trading and researching cryptocurrencies.

She’s an experienced sales and marketing leader with 15 years in senior management experience, expanding that into digital currency and blockchain in recent years.

Plowman says that the rise and rise in digital currencies is being driven by ease of use apps like Bamboo.

The micro investment app is geared towards getting younger people interested in investment in an effortless and more affordable way.

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Source: Meet the WA woman banking on crypto | Information Age | ACS