How to make money in a falling crypto market

How to make money in a falling crypto market

Digital Asset Funds Management (DAFM) is an Australian based investment manager. It currently manages $69.5 million in its Digital Opportunities Class fund, a market-neutral cryptocurrency arbitrage fund for wholesale investors.

In the nine months since the commencement of the fund in May 2021, it has achieved a positive return of 54.03% for investors.

Even in a falling crypto market that saw Bitcoin fall 14% and Ethereum 25% in January, DAFM’s flagship fund returned a positive result for the ninth straight month.

Clint Maddock, Founder and Director of DAFM said, “We are applying decades of experience and techniques learnt in trading traditional finance to cryptocurrency markets, so investors benefit from our expertise in trading long and short using derivative instruments.”

‘Our Digital Opportunities Class fund is not reliant on movement up or down in cryptocurrency markets. We look for the relative value between the instruments themselves and take appropriate positions.

‘We see our fund as an onramp for investors who have an interest in cryptocurrency and the opportunities the asset class presents, but don’t want the volatility that can come with direct investment in cryptocurrency.’