launches BeefLedger Tokens on the GoldFund Exchange launches BeefLedger Tokens on the GoldFund Exchange announces the launch of the BeefLedger (CRYPTO:BEEF) Tokens for trading on the GoldFund Exchange.

The $BEEF is the utility token within the BeefLedger food supply chain payments ecosystem. The $BEEF token can be used to make day to day purchases of products (such as beef and wine), and can also be exchanged for (1) digital asset certificates (unique ERC721 tokens tracked on the BeefLedger proof of authority network), or (2) Digital Units, which are collateralised digital assets, secured by livestock, property, feed and other food systems assets.

$BEEF is deployed in the MorphChat Telegram wallet, which makes everyday use easy, convenient and zero cost.

The $BEEF token is the pathway to better financing solutions for food supply chains, by dis-intermediating traditional banking and non-bank institutions. Opportunities for community-driven supply chain finance innovation is created within the $BEEF token asset-track system.

The $BEEF token also supports cross-border transactions of authenticated products enabling buyers and sellers to transact directly with confidence.

BeefLedger is the winner of two 2020 Good Design Awards, the preeminent and prestigious industry awards program for design excellence.

BeefLedger Chairman Warwick Powell said, “The core blockchain infrastructure underpinning $BEEF token is 100% dedicated to streamlining payments, innovating supply chain finance, reducing costs to producers and delivering greater value for consumers and producers”.

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Source: Launches BeefLedger (CRYPTO:BEEF) Tokens on the GoldFund Exchange – ABN Newswire (@ABN_Newswire)