announces launch of 24K Gold product to collectors and investors announces launch of 24K Gold product to collectors and investors announces their new product launch of 24K Gold coins bearing a Boar’s head logo and encapsulated in sealed credit card size packaging.

The gold coin is 1/20 of a Troy Ounce, making the purchase very affordable.

The GoldFund gold coin is minted in Sydney from pure Australian Gold. A stringent quality assurance program guarantees that each coin is a minimum weight and size, with a Certificate of Authenticity issued with each serialised piece. designed and obtained the custom dies for the manufacture of the gold coin from a leading coin die manufacturer and supplier to coin mints around the world. For a list of active currency exchanges, please visit the website.

The reverse side of the coin bears the Cryptocurrency logo for GoldFund (CRYPTO:GFUN) which is an Ethereum based token traded on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.

Tim Mckinnon, founder and CEO of GoldFund, said, “We are very proud of the progress that GoldFund has made, particularly with the launch of our Gold Vending Kiosk, and now more recently our own Gold product. Our long term objectives are the partnering with domestic Australian Gold producers to put Aussie gold in the hands of gold buyers and investors from around the world.”

To view the 1/20 Troy Ounce GoldFund coin, please visit:

Source: Announces Launch Of 24K Gold Product To Collectors And Investors