announce reduction in circulated GFUN tokens announce reduction in circulated GFUN tokens (CRYPTO:GFUN), a crypto currency ecosystem for the trading of physical gold as a commodity, announces the reduction of GFUN ERC20 token supply from 10Bln to 2Bln.

Tim Mckinnon, CEO of the platform said, “The reduction of GFUN tokens by 8Bln tokens has essentially made the GFUN token a limited opportunity to participate. We are progressing toward our goal of funding emerging Gold Miners into production, and additionally making gold available in smaller units to Gold Investors.”

The Gold Vending kiosk designed by GoldFund, now dispenses Gold in 1/20 Troy Ounce units, packaged in serialised packaging.

The GFUN token is currently traded on multiple Crypto currency Exchanges and has grown significantly in value since launching in 2019.