‘Going Beyond Finance’ podcast from Oiyo helping millennials feel more empowered about money

‘Going Beyond Finance’ podcast from Oiyo helping millennials feel more empowered about money

Australia’s newest digital platform Oiyo, has hit the country’s podcast scene with their new show, ‘Going Beyond Finance’.

Launched at the end of October, Going Beyond Finance is challenging the stigma of conversations about money being shameful and embarrassing, to be more open and inclusive of people of all financial backgrounds and experiences.

Each episode, producer and Oiyo’s Senior Editor Kellie Amos, introduces a new money-related topic – from sustainable finance to financial abuse and the role money plays in determining our success. In each episode, Kellie is joined by Oiyo’s team of editors, developers, and designers to interview local and national personalities.

From CEOs and entrepreneurs to human geographers and psychologists, Kellie and her team quiz their guests on money topics that go beyond the basic numbers and charts – What exactly shapes our financial choices? How do people’s different upbringings affect their relationship with money? Are men better with money than women? Going Beyond Finance gives listeners insights into these very questions and more, all with a fun, approachable and conversational tone.

Growing up in the 00s, Kellie says money was rarely talked about in her own family.

“I’d overhear conversations between my parents about mortgages and I was taught some basics in currency at school. But it wasn’t until I started working for a financial services company during uni that I realised there was so much I didn’t understand.”

“For me, this is where the concept of Oiyo strikes a chord. Too often, we shy away from talking about money because it’s boring or it feels too personal. Yet it’s at the centre of so many issues in our society,” she says.

The way we manage our finances while we’re young can have such a lasting impact. While millennials are arguably the most informed generation, they are also the most self-critical when it comes to managing money. This was the motivating force for Going Beyond Finance; to be a judgement-free zone for those who want to gain financial literacy. Oiyo has created a podcast that allows listeners to feel included in conversations about money.

Conversations which, for a long time, have made many people feel paralysed with fear and anxiety.

With an aim to champion millennials to have stronger, more positive relationships with their money, it’s refreshing to see that the team behind Oiyo come from a range of diverse financial and cultural backgrounds, who are all passionate about the same thing – reminding young people that no matter how different their background or situation may be, conversations around money are valuable and centre around our world’s global socio-economic, environmental, and political issues.

The Going Beyond Finance podcast is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Also on Oiyo’s website at www.oiyo.com.au.