Global X’s 21Shares Bitcoin ETF surpasses $100 million AUM  ​

Global X’s 21Shares Bitcoin ETF surpasses $100 million AUM ​

Global X ETFs, a leading global provider of ETFs, have announced that its Australian-listed Bitcoin ETF (Cboe: EBTC) has surpassed a record high of A$100 million in assets under management (AUM).​

The milestone comes as the world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, continues to experience a surge in interest boosted by the January decision by US regulators to allow ETFs that hold bitcoin to begin operating, along with anticipated supply shifts likely to occur later this year.​

The Global X 21Shares Bitcoin ETF (Cboe: EBTC) is Australia’s only spot Bitcoin ETF. The fund tracks the performance of Bitcoin in Australian dollars and grants investors access to segregated Bitcoin held in secure ‘cold storage’ with Coinbase, the world’s largest cryptocurrency custodian. This makes exposure to Bitcoin’s price movements available to investors via a regulated product on a major stock exchange, streamlining access and removing the complexities of direct crypto ownership.  ​

“This is an exciting time for cryptocurrency markets. Growing demand has been reflected in strong inflows into our product and more broadly on a global basis. Combine this with positive regulatory movements abroad, and everything points to a growing confidence in the sector. Naturally, investors are optimistic and excited about what this means for Bitcoin longer-term,” said Evan Metcalf, Chief Executive Officer at Global X ETFs Australia.​

“Since January, Global X has seen over A$30 million flowing into the ETF, and we expect this momentum to continue as we look toward more crypto-related activity including the halving event and US regulatory decision around spot Ethereum ETFs in the coming months.”​

Global X remains the only provider of spot cryptocurrency ETFs in Australia and was the first to launch spot Bitcoin and Ethereum (Cboe: EETH) ETFs in the Asia Pacific region.​

“At Global X, we remain committed to leading the charge in providing investors with an extensive array of quality investment opportunities to support portfolio diversification. Our cryptocurrency offerings, such as our Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs, EBTC and EETH alongside our Fintech and Blockchain ETF (Cboe: FTEC), offer Australian investors an accessible means to capitalise on the potential gains of this sector.”