Earn rewards on your crypto portfolio and SMSF with Digital Surge

Earn rewards on your crypto portfolio and SMSF with Digital Surge

Brisbane-based cryptocurrency exchange Digital Surge has just launched a new Earn feature, allowing Australians to earn rewards on their crypto portfolio and SMSF.

In 2021, the SMSF industry saw a 90% increase in crypto trading activity, with many SMSFs realising the potential of this alternative asset class. Digital Surge has seen a significant increase from both advisors and SMSFs, after developing services specifically catered towards SMSF compliance and reporting.

The ability to earn rewards on crypto holdings means individuals and SMSFs will be able to passively earn rewards by simply holding eligible coins with Digital Surge. Crypto rewards are compounded daily and paid monthly, similar to how a savings account works with a bank.

All coins listed in Digital Surge’s Earn product generate yield through native on-chain staking, which means that the asset is always held as the original asset – and are not at risk of any liquidation event. Additionally, as the assets are not ‘locked’ the customer can always withdraw and sell at any time in the event of price fluctuations.

Along with a uniquely user-friendly experience and renowned customer service, Digital Surge users will also enjoy no minimum or maximum deposit amount on a wide selection of cryptocurrencies eligible with Earn, including SCRT, TRX, MINA, ALGO, SOL, ADA, FLOW, XTZ, ATOM, KAVA, KSM, and DOT, with more to come soon.

Since building out their SMSF compatibility back in October, Digital Surge’s new monthly SMSF users have increased 2,500%, and with their new Earn feature this number is likely to continue to climb.

“Catering to SMSFs has been one of our main aims of the year, and on top extending our services to SMSF advisers, streamlining the SMSF onboarding process and building out our compliance and reporting for SMSFs, we are thrilled to now be able to offer the Earn feature on several cryptocurrencies, for both individual and SMSF investors,” said CEO and Co-Founder of Digital Surge, Dan Rutter, last week.

Rutter further explained, “To meet the rising demand of SMSFs we’ve developed several compliance and reporting features for advisers including automatically generated EOFY and account statements, valuable insights on P&L/ROI, multiple CSV exports, as well as a specific partner/adviser API that allows our partners to work seamlessly with their clients, ensuring all data reporting is handled accurately and automatically. We want to make the financial possibilities of crypto accessible to everyday Australians, which is why we are so excited about launching our new Earn feature. The ability to earn rewards on your portfolio will undoubtedly be one of the main drivers of mass adoption, so this new feature is a big step in the right direction.”

Read more on how Digital Surge provides Earn safely for their customers: https://blog.digitalsurge.com.au/earn-interest-on-your-crypto-portfolio-and-smsf-7541fbcfec6e