Diversiview portfolio analyses now include cryptocurrencies

Diversiview portfolio analyses now include cryptocurrencies

A survey from Finder shows that 25% of Australians already invest or plan to invest in cryptocurrencies in 2021!

With 45% of those surveyed saying that they invest in crypto because of “skyrocketing values”, that means a lot of people looking to take advantage of the bullyish crypto market. At the same time, cryptocurrencies have extremely high volatility of returns, and investors should expect not only very high potential returns but also quite substantial potential losses as markets react to unexpected announcements or events.

Interestingly, 19% of the surveyed people said that they invested because of “portfolio diversification”, but how many fully understand the risk they get exposed to, when adding crypto to their portfolios?

It is important to know how much volatility your portfolio can absorb safely. Is it 1%, 5%, 10%? A trial-and-error approach does not really work here – you need to have as much data driven insight as possible to make an informed decision.

Diversiview by LENSELL® now gives you the ability to analyse mixed portfolios of ASX listed investments and cryptocurrencies (or cryptocurrencies only) and check the overall performance, risk, return and the deep diversification. Do you get what you want from your portfolio and are you prepared to take the risk?

This unique feature is now available on the Engager and Expander plans – give it a try today. ✔️


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