Cloud-based speech recognition within the finance sector

Cloud-based speech recognition within the finance sector

The financial sectors are prolific document creators and riddled with paper processing. Many of these documents are required to meet corporate and government requirements.

In the case of finance and accounting firms, their role often involves providing a broad spectrum of services for their clients including advice on general financial management, investment, planning, asset management, wealth creation and more. Insurance firms supply quotes, conduct on-site assessments, produce reports, and maintain documents on client requirements.

Document creation in each of these sectors is considerable. Firms not only need to maintain detailed records and efficient operational processes to deliver excellent client service, they also need to meet stringent regulations and ensure compliance is transparent and auditable.

In this whitepaper Nuance explores the impact of documentation, including:

  • The sluggish digitisation of document creation
  • Growing regulatory demands fuelling document creation
  • Hampered office productivity
  • Stifled productivity in the field
  • Inefficient client service.

Nuance reviews the better business outcomes achieved with cloud-based speech recognition, Software as a Service (SaaS) and the difference between speaker-independent personal assistants and personalised speech recognition.

If you are interested in improving the accuracy of your documentation to minimise compliance risks, delivering better operational efficiency, collaboration and workflow and capturing critical information at the point of client interaction or while on the move…

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