Blockchain and the changing face of payments

Blockchain and the changing face of payments

PayDock, a revolutionary payments orchestration platform, have contributed a dedicated chapter focusing on blockchain and the changing face of payments, alongside other contributors such as IBM, Dell and CMS for a new book “Growing with Blockchain” published by Novaro Publishing.

Edited by Kevin R. Smith, the book draws on the knowledge and experience of 18 top-level blockchain performers who lay out their expert opinion on how to turn the disruptive potential of blockchain into operational reality. It has been described as a ‘must-have’ for anyone wanting to easily understand the varied practical and commercial applications of this revolutionary technology.

In his chapter, Rob Lincolne, the founder and CEO of PayDock expresses his thoughts on the subject and highlights some of the key areas such as:

–       Lockdown triggered shifts in the payments industry increases relevance of blockchain.

–       Authentication and authorisation are different concepts, how blockchain helps resolve these transactional pillars.

–       A seismic shift toward political trust anchors has the opportunity to reshape commerce.

Commenting on his involvement, he said, “Even though blockchain is here to stay, its practical and accessible value can still at times be hard to grasp. It is my hope that in Growing with Blockchain, we have been able to make this revolution tangible, applicable and perhaps even exciting for corporations today.”

Other contributors include experts from IBM, Digital Catapult, CMS, Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering, Dell Technologies, Team Blockchain, Omnitude, DAG Global, Coller IP, Totalinfo, Kession, Blockchain Rookies, Robbie Moulding, Kate Baucherel, A Transparent Company, BEEN London and Boom & Partners.

Priya Guliani, Head of Operations, Government Blockchain Association, UK, said, “Blockchain has surely touched, if not disrupted, every major industry and is even altering the norms of interaction between people and societies. As the expression goes, “power to the people”. The dust of being a buzzword has fallen off and Growing with Blockchain covers the foundational underpinnings, the industry paradigms, as well as the implications of blockchain, helping you pivot to the new sensibly. Read, reread, learn and apply.”


PayDock is pleased to offer a 25% discount to readers and members of the Australian Fintech community via the Novaro Publishers’ website The 25% off discount code is: 25off-blockchain