Bamboo launches new podcast for the ‘Crypto Curious’

Bamboo launches new podcast for the ‘Crypto Curious’

Australian cryptocurrency micro-investment app Bamboo is launching its first podcast Crypto Curious, partnering with finance and investing media brand, Equity Mates Media.

The podcast launched its first three episodes today (Monday 8 November, 2021) which looks to clear the air on all things crypto.

The show will release weekly episodes from then each Monday, with the first slew of episodes a ‘back-to-basics’ guide on the ins and outs of cryptocurrency before then delving into more topical and complex questions, as well as interviewing some Australians at the forefront of the technology in Australia.

Bamboo colleagues, Blake Cassidy (CEO), Tracey Plowman (COO), and Craig Jackson (Head of Growth) will be joining up to offer their combined knowledge of nearly 10 years in the crypto space to explain complex topics in an easy-to-understand format.

Bamboo CEO Blake Cassidy says learning about crypto can be fairly daunting and intimidating for most people, especially for those who are new to any kind of investing.

“Whether you’re looking for crypto, holding crypto, or ‘hodling’ crypto then you may want to tune into our Crypto Curious podcast,” Blake said.

Crypto Curious is Equity Mates Media’s first official foray into the world of crypto and after capturing the ears of young Australian investors over the past few years co-founders Alec and Bryce believe this is the next logical step.

“Crypto is an exciting space, but if you don’t have a knowledgeable guide, you can end up lost. For years, we’ve been fascinated by the story unfolding and have been looking for a trusted voice to help guide us and our community through this world. It is clear that crypto is here to stay, so we felt now was the right time to help Australians understand it,” said Alec Renehan, Co-Founder of Equity Mates Media.

“We’re excited to not only be growing the Equity Mates Media stable to seven shows with another fantastic podcast, but to be partnering with Bamboo, a crypto platform whose value of simplicity, and ‘retail investor-first’ mentality aligns with ours.”

Crypto Curious aims to break down the basics, discuss the latest trends and share what’s happening in the ever-changing, fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies.

“If you want to just understand the news, join the conversation at the pub or get started in investing, this show is your one-stop shop for all things cryptocurrencies,” Blake said.

“We want to help regular people get up to speed with the fundamentals of crypto and chat to leaders in the community to provide fun and digestible information and insights that can’t be found anywhere else,” Blake said.

Crypto Curious will launch via Acast, the world’s leading independent podcast company, and be available on all major podcast apps including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music.

For a first taste of what to expect, check out Episode 1 of Crypto Curious podcast here: