Award-winning portfolio tracker launches currency tool for global investors

Award-winning portfolio tracker launches currency tool for global investors

With the rise of the global investor taking markets by storm, portfolio tracking software company Sharesight has launched its Multi-Currency Valuation Report, a unique currency tool that allows investors to see the value of their investments in 67 different currencies, including a range of cryptocurrencies.

Inspired by the growing cohort of expat investors, Sharesight has designed its new report with one key function in mind – allowing investors to see the value of their holdings in the currency they “think” in, rather than the currency of their tax residency. For example, an investor may trade in global markets but prefer to see all of their investments in USD.

“We’ve seen an increasing number of global investors using Sharesight,” says Doug Morris, Sharesight CEO.

“These investors, often expats, tend to hold large portfolios with complex, mixed-asset investments across multiple markets, currencies and even brokers. Sharesight’s advanced performance and tax reporting tools are an essential solution for global investors, and our new Multi-Currency Valuation Report is a big step forward in addressing the diverse needs of these investors.”

Investors who trade across markets will appreciate the ability to see the price, units held and total value of each investment in their portfolio, converted to the currency of their choice or denominated in the domestic currency using end-of-day values and the prevailing forex rate.

This even includes the option to convert investment holdings into some of the major cryptocurrencies, for all those investors who are curious about what their assets would amount to in Bitcoin.

The ability to see the value of investment holdings along with their exchange rate is another game-changing feature for global investors; particularly those who need to record the year-end values and exchange rates on their investments when filing their taxes, such as SMSF trustees in Australia.

Investors will also have the ability to break down their portfolio by currency – a useful feature for those who need a snapshot of their investment allocation by country for tax purposes, or for investors considering trading in or out of positions denominated in a particular currency.

The Multi-Currency Valuation Report is the latest addition to Sharesight’s suite of powerful reports built for the needs of self-directed investors. Other key reports include Performance, Portfolio Diversity, Contribution Analysis and Taxable Income, making Sharesight the ultimate tool for investors to see their complete financial picture.