Automic Group is the #1 provider of IPO Services in Australia

Automic Group is the #1 provider of IPO Services in Australia

Automic Group are now Australia’s leading IPO services provider, supporting 38% of all IPOs in 2020.

Automic has become the preferred IPO service provider for Australian businesses due to superior technology and an acute focus on client experience. They were the first provider in the market with a sophisticated IPO dashboard that provides advisers, brokers and lead managers with real-time data, making the process of capital raising easier than ever.

Automic Group have worked with companies to ensure the success of their IPO, including clients such as Dynamic Drill and Blast Holdings Limited (DDB), Manuka Resources Ltd. (MKR) and Intelicare Holdings Limited (ICR).

In the past month IPO activity also began to increase, with a number of highly valued companies revealing plans to go public in the weeks and months ahead. Automic is well positioned to manage these transactions and is looking forward to supporting a number of successful IPOs prior to the end of this calendar year.



About Automic Group

Automic Group is the leading business specialist to listed and unlisted entities in Australia. We work with over 600 ASX listed entities and 200 unlisted entities to support their growth and streamline their operations.

Automic’s advantage comes from a strong technology-focus, deep industry experience, committed staff with an absolute focus on delivering quality solutions that exceed client expectations.

Automic is the only company in Australia offering Registry, Legal Company Secretarial, Governance, and Finance professional services. The Automic business is uniquely positioned to unlock the potential for our clients and help them stay ahead of evolving compliance and regulatory requirements.

Strategically headquartered in Sydney, with a team based in Perth, Automic is an Australian owned company.