Australian FinTech goes global, launches new USA, UK and Ireland platforms

Australian FinTech goes global, launches new USA, UK and Ireland platforms

Australian FinTech, the No.1 website for fintech news and information in Australia, has gone global – relaunching their International FinTech platform, as well as launching three new country-specific platforms: US FinTech, UK FinTech and Ireland FinTech.

After the success of the Australian FinTech platform, it became apparent during lockdown in 2020 that if the site and business model works in Australia, why wouldn’t it work elsewhere.

“The new country-specific platforms for the USA, UK and Ireland will all have the same functionality as the hugely successful Australian FinTech site, but more importantly it gives fintech companies – anywhere from start-ups to multinationals – a voice to be heard and a platform to gain valuable global exposure,” said Cameron Dart, Co-Founder and CEO.

“Often it’s hard for new companies to get exposure anywhere. We want to give a voice to those start-ups when some larger media companies might not be interested. But we are – this is the news we love and we’re here to help promote these fintechs in their local country and now, to the world,” said fellow Co-Founder Rob James.

International FinTech now showcases over 4,000 fintech companies from over every corner of the world.

The three new platforms – US FinTech, UK FinTech and Ireland FinTech – are just the beginning of a global rollout.

‘We’re looking to launch 20 to 25 country-specific sites over the next few years, dependent on investment,” Dart added, as the company looks to begin an investment drive as well.

“The hard work is done and we’ve built some fantastic technology behind the scenes that allows us to scale quickly and launch new sites quickly,” he said, adding that this process took ‘5 months straight, 7 days per week’ and along the way they collected ‘over 75,000 pieces of data’ for the new and future platforms.

With the fintech industry becoming so prevalent and more accepted globally, plus the continuous influx of new fintechs launching, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.