Australia Post and launch a new partnership to pay for Bitcoin at Post Offices

Australia Post and launch a new partnership to pay for Bitcoin at Post Offices

Australians across the country can now pay for their Bitcoin purchase at their local Australia Post, thanks to a new partnership with

From telegrams to online shopping, Australia Post has led technological and social innovation in the country for over 200 years. In its recent partnership with, Australia Post will accept cash and EFTPOS payments for digital currency purchases made on, through their popular Post Billpay service.

“This is a major milestone for digital currency in Australia and around the world. It proves that there are established businesses and organisations that want to learn about new technologies by doing, and not by blocking,” says Holger Arians, CEO of

Ten years on from Bitcoin’s inception, the digital currency is still the most popular and valuable cryptocurrency, and is often referred to as ‘digital gold.’ The ATO estimates that some 500,000 to one million Australians own crypto assets.

“Our mission is to make Bitcoin safe and easy for every Australian”, says Arians. “For many people, paying for Bitcoin at an Australia Post office feels safer than transferring funds online—particularly for first-time buyers. We’re proud of this partnership and would like to thank Australia Post for their continued openness to new technologies.”

“Australia Post has for a long time played an important role in the community to make services accessible to all,” says Susan Nicholson, Australia Post’s Head of Business & Government Financial Services. “Post Billpay has been one of Australia’s most trusted bill payment methods for over 20 years, and we’re pleased to now provide the ability for Bitcoin bills to be paid at a post office, which will come with a product enhancement that offers ID verification and real-time bill payment confirmation back to the biller.”

Customers can buy Bitcoin at over 3,500 Australia Post stores across the country. With more household names jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon, the future of crypto in Australia looks promising.