AustCyber’s Australian Cyber Week hits the road for national tour

AustCyber’s Australian Cyber Week hits the road for national tour

In the most pressing time of our cyber history, AustCyber brings together the industry to reinforce our national security strategy.

Cyber Week, the national flagship event from Australia’s cyber security growth network, AustCyber, is returning in 2022. Running from November 14-18, this year’s event will travel around Australia generating awareness of our national cyber security industry, showcasing local innovation, risk, and opportunities, and celebrating one of our most critical industries.

As part of the Stone & Chalk Group, AustCyber will be hosting Cyber Week 2022 at Stone & Chalk’s state-of-the-art startup hubs across the country. For the first time since its inception in 2017, Cyber Week will be travelling to Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and Canberra, offering in-person and virtual world-class events. Supported by industry leaders from government, corporates, entrepreneurs and small businesses, Australia’s best experts will share their knowledge and experience to drive robust discussion, solutions, and debate.

The return of Cyber Week is also centred around the release of AustCyber’s fourth Sector Competitiveness Plan (SCP). Developed with over 60 Australian Cyber Security companies and experts, the SCP represents a critical piece of research that will help shape and inform the cyber security sector in Australia for years to come. The week’s activities follow unprecedented levels of high-profile cyber security incidents in Australia, highlighting the critical need for increased attention on cyber security maturity, investment, and resilience.

AustCyber’s new Group Executive, Jason Murrell, said, “We’re delighted to bring Cyber Week back alongside the release of the fourth annual SCP. Cyber security is an area of increasing national concern, and we look forward to bringing together the country’s cyber leaders to reinforce the growing resilience of our local industry, explore opportunities for local innovation and international growth, and enable wider industry collaboration and connection at Cyber Week 2022.”

Stone & Chalk Group CEO, Michael Bromley, said, “Cyber security impacts all areas of our digital lives as recent events have shown us. Cyber security is fundamental to every business and to building a sustainable technology driven economy. Cyber Week 2022 will be a fantastic opportunity for all businesses, not just in cyber security, to participate and learn.”

Cyber Week will showcase Australia’s cyber security capability and address the increasing demand for highly skilled technology workers. Expert panels and workshops featuring industry leaders including Martin Boyd, former Executive Manager of Cyber Security for CBA and Founder of Vertex Cyber Security, and Susie Jones, co-Founder of Cynch Security, will discuss the biggest pain points impeding the growth of the sector, and the steps required to skill and educate Australia’s future workforce.

In collaboration with the Australian Women in Security Network (AWSN), AustCyber will also delve into the diversity issues holding the sector back and its wider implications for the ongoing sector skills shortage. The work of other industries and professions that have successfully diversified their workforces will be analysed to determine how the cyber security sector must move forward to create a diverse and inclusive environment.

Below is the list of Cyber Week 2022 events available to attend: 

Monday 14 November – Hosted at Stone & Chalk’s Melbourne Startup Hub, AustCyber will explore key findings from its Sector Competitiveness Plan (SCP), the risk of a sustained attack on Australia’s critical infrastructure, and partner with the Australian Women in Security Network (AWSN) for a panel discussion on diversity issues holding the sector back.

Tuesday 15 November – Hosted at Stone & Chalk’s Sydney Startup Hub, panellists will delve into the biggest pain points facing the industry including skilling, reskilling, upskilling and educating our future workforce.

Wednesday 16 November – Hosted in Perth in partnership with the Joondalup Business Forum, this event will focus on Australia’s export market looking at how we can leverage our international partnerships and alliances to enable growth.

Thursday 17 November – Hosted at Stone & Chalk Adelaide Startup Hub, AustCyber will discuss the current growth of Australia’s cyber security ecosystem and future trajectory under the SCP.

Friday 18 November – Hosted in Canberra, AustCyber will share details on the National Missing Persons Hackathon and how OSINT is helping law enforcement around the world.

Free tickets are now available in-person and online, however registration is essential at